Arbitration Board (AB) is the judicial body of ESN Finland. It can arbitrate between two sides to solve disputes and disagreements. Additionally, it reviews the legality of decisions and provides legal advice and interpretation of ESN Finland's official documents. The AB also processes Code of Conduct violations.

The AB has a mandate of two years, lasting from 1st of January until the end of the following calendar year (31st of December). The current AB is in office from 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2022.

To reach the AB, you can either email them collectively at arbitration[dot]board[at]esnfinland[dot]eu or email individual members at first[dot]lastname[at]esnfinland[dot]eu. For Code of Conduct reports, you may use the form found on our website:

Miia Vaara, Chair

Simon Schwientek, Member

Anni Juhela, Member