ESN is currently organising the very first Social Inclusion Days initiative from 27th of November until 10th of December. During this period more than 500 local sections in 40 European countries will host events raising awareness and taking action about volunteering and disability.


This year the Erasmus+ programme celebrates its 30th anniversary! In order to show the students how mobility can be enriched by volunteering, the projects of SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility come together organising the two-week-initiative of the Social Inclusion Days to provide opportunities to learn how one can contribute to the improvement of society. During this edition of the Social Inclusion Days, the focus is on the importance of the social impact international volunteers have upon the local communities and upon making inclusive events.

Social Inclusion Days: from 27th of November to 10th of December 2017

One big mission of ESN is to provide young citizens with the opportunity to do more during their mobility experience, to make a difference and create a positive social change through volunteering. Besides this, international volunteers have a great chance of expanding their knowledge of other cultures and educational systems and in having a first-hand experience and contact with the locals. Through their engagement, students enrich their curricula as well as gain experiences, knowledge, understanding and a sense of appreciation for Europe. Also, they will show others that the mobility does not only consist of travelling, partying or studying abroad but also of active engagement. While celebrating and enjoying their Erasmus+ experience, students will have a chance to take part in activities such as fundraisers, clothes donations, animal shelter visits, educational workshops, conferences, and many more events that promote social inclusion.


Remember to check out with your local sections which kind of activities they arrange during these two weeks! Should you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to approach your local or national project coordinators. Enjoy your Social Inclusion Days! 


Daniela Mård is a National ExchangeAbility Coordinator. ExchangeAbility is a project of ESN International that aims are making ESN a more accessible association and increasing the number of students with disabilities going on exchange. Find out more on