What are the Committees?

The Committees are 5 executive bodies of the International Board. They support the IB not only in their initiatives and projects but also with the creation of new ideas. The groups are specialised in the development of the network in different fields. 

Each member of the IB is supported in his or her work by a committee. 

  • President → International Committee for Education (ICE)
  • Vice-President → Network and Events Committee (NEC)
  • Treasurer → Finance Committee (FiCo)
  • Communication Manager → Communication Committee (ComCom)
  • WPA → Information Technology Committee (IT)

The majority of the Committees’ work is done virtually, which means they work online using tools (such as Gmail, Skype, etc.) but they also have two general meetings during the year called the All Committees Meeting (CoMeet) where all the Committees meet to work and exchange ideas face-to-face. Each Committee also organises its own meetings throughout the year to further develop their internal work. 

International Committee for Education

The International Committee for Education (also known as ICE3), aims to to make ESN an expert and opinion leader in the international Higher Education, by:

  • Addressing various issues concerning student mobility and International Higher Education in Europe.
  • Constant learning about the developments of the EHEA – European Higher Education Area.
  • Identifying future education related projects in collaboration with the CNR and the Board.
  • Initiating new and using existing forms of representation.
  • Educating ESN members about educational policies in Europe.
  • Developing new roles in the national level and support the relations with the NAs.

Networks and Event Committee

The Network and Events Committee (NEC) is working on the most important ESN topics needed for the network to work smoothly and improve itself. One team takes care of a qualitative network development and the other team is in charge of supporting the organisation and conduction of meetings and improving them. It is also the supporting body for the Vice-President of ESN to manage all tasks and activities in his/her working field. Our goal is to create a big, strong and well-working network. You can see all the members on Galaxy.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports the Treasurer of ESN International in his activities and is responsible for the creation, coordination and implementation of long-term strategies in its area, under the supervision of the Treasurer. The Committee is composed of three teams, each of them being specialized in one of the Treasurer’s responsibilities: Audit, Partnership, Marketing. You can see all the members on Galaxy.

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee (ComCom) is made of volunteers who provide support to the International Board (IB) and to all bodies of ESN International in order to maintain and improve ESN’s communication strategy. The Committee’s work is focused both on internal and external communication. We work in close contact with the Communication Manager. The Committee is coordinated by a Chairing Team made of a main Chair and two Vice-Chairs. All the members work in teams which you can find below. You can see all the members on Galaxy.

IT Committee

The IT Committee, which works closely with the Web Project Administrator, aims at strengthening ESN by developing IT systems for the whole Network and by providing assistance and advice about technological matters in general. The Committee consists of the WPA, two Chairs which, along with the WPA, make the Chairing Team of the Committee, Regular members and Alumni members. All members are featured in Galaxy.