Dear ESNers in Finland,

Happy new year!

As you know, the ESN Finland board mandate changed together with the year. The new board took office on January 1 and will serve until May 31, 2014. The national board consists of:

The 2014 and 2013 national boards are meeting in Helsinki on January 10 for a thorough knowledge transfer. We have already internally divided our tasks, but we will truly become efficient once we soak in the knowledge of our predecessors in the physical meeting, so please be patient and stay tuned. You will naturally hear more about the decision making and everything else through the CLR and the ESN Finland mailing list.

The most topical issues that we start working on straight away are the preparations for the National Platform Spring, the Pirates of the Baltic Sea cruise and the AGM. The PoBS team will be finalised in the next board meeting and announced to you soon after that. In addition, we have launched a few open calls for ESNers who wish to become involved in the national level of ESN. ESN Finland is looking for a SocialErasmus Coordinator, a Responsible Party Coordinator and a National Magazine team - for more information, please contact Jutta or Heini.

Those of you who attend the TimeTravels trip to Levi will meet Salli (partnership manager) and Stanislav from the NB. The rest of us will be present at the National Platform spring where we will hopefully have the chance to meet many of you. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to contact any of us individually through personal e-mails as indicated above, or collectively at

On behalf of the ESN Finland national board 2014, we hope you have very fruitful and packed orientation weeks and we once more wish you a very happy new year!