Dear All,

On behalf of National Board 21-22, I hereby announce the extraordinary National Assembly Online IV/2021 and open the calls for National Representative for the remainder of the NB 21-22 mandate and for the Spring NA 2022 OC.

NA Online IV will take place on December 14th, at 18:30 on Google Meets. The agenda of the meeting includes for example electing NR 21-22 for the remaining mandate, and electing the NA Spring 2022 OC, and voting on the release of liability of NB 20-21. Please find the documents attached.

Each section should fill & sign the vote registration form by the 10th of December at 23:59 and send it to If no one from your section can attend, you have to delegate your vote to another section.
You also have to register one voting delegate latest 10th of December at 23:59. Here's the LINK for the delegate registration.
However, sections can send more non-voting delegates to observe and these do not need to be registered.

If you are interested in the NR 21-22 position, please apply! Applicants should fill the position application form + ESN CV and send it to on latest 12th of December at 17:00.
For any questions about the position please contact the current ESN Finland board.

For any interested sections who are interested in organizing the Spring NA 2022, you can be in contact with the current ESN Finland board if you have any questions.