ESN Lappeenranta warmly welcomes you to NP Lappeenranta AKA ”lappee Shore”-fest on 28.2-2.3.2014 During the weekend the statutory meeting of ESN Finland will be held and e.g. new board selected! The plenaries will be held at the Student Union Building, where also most of the other activities will happen.

On the social program for Friday after the dinner and Newbie/Oldies sessions, the OC gives the participants opportunity to try the KARELIAN origin game – Kyykkä. After frosting ourselves outdoors, there will be warm sauna at the Student Union basement.  Unfortunately due to booking issues, we were not able to get the Shore side sauna. On Saturday evening, there will be possibility to visit the Skinnarila harbor and attend the “Lappee Shore”-sitsit. Bring your own cash to get lubricated. Dress code: Fishy…

All participants (that hang out too much in Facebook) should join the following group.

From this group we will give some sneak peaks, you can ask questions and during/after the NP post pictures and videos. All important information will be given by email to the section contact person as well as in FB.