Dear sections,

I hereby invite you to ESN Finland’s Skype National Platform I/2018 that will be held on Sunday 21.1.2018 at 17:00.  

The agenda includes the following topics:

  • Electing a President for the National Board 2017-18
  • Amending the Standing Orders
  • Amending the English Statutes
  • Amending the Budget


You can find the amendment proposals and the agenda for the meeting here.

Every section can have one connection to the call. Please register your representatives through this link.

Please note that according to our Statutes, it is mandatory to participate in all the NPs or delegate the section’s vote. Every section needs to provide the NB with a delegation form by 20th of January at 23:59. You can find the forms here.

Hear you in couple of weeks!


On behalf of the NB,

Noora Hautala