Plate with roasted vegetablels on the left, salad on the right, yogurt sauce in the center, and chickeas in the lower part of the plate

Tired of eating potatoes or pasta and tuna? Well, here you have a delicious and fast recipe that is also affordable and nutritious. No matter your diet, vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous, this recipe caters for you!


1 medium potato

1 big carrot

1 small sweet potato

1 can of chickpeas or 

150g salmon

200g greek yogurt (or the plant alternative)

⅓ cucumber

Lemon juice

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp cooking oil

½ tsp cumin powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Spices to taste



For the vegetables.

Preheat the oven to 220ºC. Wash the potatoes and carrot and peel if needed. Cut the vegetables into slices about the size of your fingers. Put them in a bowl and add the olive oil, some salt and pepper, and mix until the oil and spices are uniformly spread on the vegetables. If desired, other spices, such as oregano, pizza spices, or chili flakes can also be added.

 Sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots in a bowl with some oil

Lay the vegetables on an oven tray and bake at 220ºC for 10-13 min.

root vegetables aligned on a tray


For the protein.

Rinse and wash the chickpeas. Heat the oil on a pan in medium heat and add the chickpeas. Add salt, pepper and cumin, and cook for about 10-15 minutes, or until the chickpeas are roasted. Be careful, chickpeas start to pop like popcorn when heated too long or on too high heat!

chickpeas on a pan

If you are using salmon, you can cook it on the pan or in the oven. In case you cook it on the pan, remember that with salmon you do not need to use any extra oil or butter, the fish itself is so fatty it will not stick to the pan. 

Take the salmon out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before cooking it, season lightly with salt and pepper and wait for the pan to heat up. Make sure the salmon is dry before placing it on the pan. Do NOT move the fish until it is cooked ¾ through, this should take only about 3-4 minutes, then flip it around and cook for another minute. Salmon is ready to join the vegetables after you’ve removed the skin. If you want to eat the skin you need to scale the fish before you start cooking it. 

If you don’t feel like cooking the fish yourself, plenty of stores sell all kinds of fish products pre-cooked. They are usually rather affordable and of good quality.


For the sauce.

Shred or thinly chop the cucumber and mix in a bowl with the greek yogurt. Add a dash of salt and pepper, and squeeze lemon juice to taste. Mix together, and adjust the seasoning. 


roasted veggies with yogurt sauce in the center, lettuce and tomato salad on the top-right, and chickpeas in the bottom

Serve everything on a plate and add some greens to put in extra vitamins, and enjoy!


P.S. In the nordics there are plenty of protein sources for vegans and vegetarians, feel free to experiment with other products too!