New to the Nordics? You must have already realised that the fruits and veggies variety here is a bit different, especially if you come from southern countries, where almost everything can be found all-year round. But worry not! The nordic countries have their own secrets to a good nutrition and keeping themselves warm during these long, dark, cold months. One of them? Root vegetables! Try making this easy and full of flavor soup, and you'll see how you stay warm and satisfied even on the coldest day.

Plate with roasted vegetablels on the left, salad on the right, yogurt sauce in the center, and chickeas in the lower part of the plate

Tired of eating potatoes or pasta and tuna? Well, here you have a delicious and fast recipe that is also affordable and nutritious. No matter your diet, vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous, this recipe caters for you!

Picture of cinnamon apples and berries

Apples are a fruit widely available during winter. They are great sources of fiber and vitamins, and there are so many types that you can choose which variety you like better. What is more, they can also be cooked and added in desserts or other meals to pop that flavor!

Wanna know some ways of spicing up those apples? Read ahead...


The World Health Organization (WHO) is each year acknowledging mental health on 10th of October, which is the World Mental Health Day.

Yesterday, the 14th of November was the world diabetes day. Our Health and Wellbeing coordinator Susanna, as well as our Social inclusion coordinator Tiia has written about diabetes and some good to knows.

The National Representative of ESN Finland - Claudia shares her yummy recipe on home-made guacamole. She is a Mexican, so she knows her Guac! This recipe can be used for cosy movie nights on chilly October and November evenings 

Today, the 10th of October is the World Mental Health Day. Our Health and Wellbeing coordinator Susanna, along with ESN Vaasa's Social Inclusion coordinator Daniela and the National Social Inclusion coordinator Tiia has written a blogpost to bring attention to this important topic

The 15th every month we will publish the "Recipe of the Month" - a favorite recipe from someone in our lovely community! Today, Susanna our Health and Wellbeing coordinator, is sharing her favorite recipe - the delicious Toivola's apple pie!

This is a blog post written by ESN Finland's Health and Wellbeing coordinator, Susanna Ailanto

A blog post by ESN Finland National Social Erasmus Coordinator, Mikko Harteela 

Eager to know who Section in the Spotlight is this month? The section comes from the biggest city in region of Central Finland, their members can be met basically at every ESN Finland event. Sit down with a cup of coffee and give a round of applause to ESN Jyväskylä for organizing FInsight VI: Inter-personal skills & well being from 1st-3rd of February.

A blog post by Daniela Mård, National ExchangeAbility Coordinator.

A blog post by Petra Hannus, National Training Coordinator of ESN Finland and President of ESN Vaasa.

"As a newbie ESNer, I didn’t know anything about Eduk8. It took until NP Otaniemi (autumn 2015), when Lucas Opperman and Stanislav Staněk held a presentation plus that I also approached them with my questions, that I finally understood it better. Non-formal education, learning from each other, developing soft skills, and better understanding ourselves, some key words that really spoke to me."

A blog post by Marjut Jalkanen, former ESN Jyväskylä and ESN Finland board member, Eduk8er and the Community Manager of the international Eduk8 team.

"I can point out three really good decisions that I have made in my life: 1) joining ESN, 2) joining ESN for the second time, 3) applying for a spot in Eduk8 Starter. I don’t know which one of them was the best."

A blog post by Sajed Rabbani (ESN Joensuu).

Social inclusion: What can we (ESN) do about it? – Yes this was topic of this year’s ESN Academy which was held in the beautiful city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Blog post - Mikael Männistö

Visiting what now you ask? CND, or the Council of National Delegates, is the second most important meeting in the ESN calendar. This edition took part in December, from December 8 to December 12, 2016 and was attended by our official delegates Toni, Miia and Pablo from the ESN Finland National Board and me, Mikael, as a guest in the event.

As we all might know, finding accommodation can be difficult or, frankly, even impossible in many countries and cities and especially in capital regions. Shortage of housing and lack of interest towards short-term tenants are just some of the core issues faced in international student housing. This is where HousErasmus+, a new ESN project supported by the European Commission, comes in with an aim to improve housing situation of exchange-students.

National Boards Meetings attendees

On the 24th to 27th of November 2016, a very particular event happened in Zagreb Croatia. This was a National Boards Meeting. A whole story...

It all began with a very stressful period. Three days before... Having a glance at my emails, I noticed one from Lufthansa. Our flight to Zagreb had been cancelled!! Anni and me rebooked our ticket to another flight on the following day. But the next day, we again got an email, our flight was cancelled again! I was fortunately able to book a ticket for a third time and finally reach Zagreb.

ESN Finland's delegates during NP Kuopio

Blog Post – ESN KISA

”What if I don't understand anything they are talking about there?” ”What if they ask me something and I don't have any idea what to answer?” These we a couple of my thoughts, when I started my journey to CNR Malta. Council of National Representatives (CNR) is an international meeting of ESN, where the National Representatives of all ESN countries come to talk about strategic issues and represent the interests of their countries.