Board 2021-2022

You can reach the entire board by emailing board[at]esnfinland[dot]eu.

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Tiia Niskanen

mail president[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hi all! I'm Tiia the President of ESN Finland 2021-2022. Nice to meet you! I started ESN at ESN Uni Turku already in 2017 for the chance to meet international students. This is my first National board mandate and I'm excited to be part of this wonderful board.

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Duy Tùng Hà

mail vice-president[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hey, I'm Duy, a city boy from Vietnam living in Finland for 5 years now. I began my ESN career back in 2018 in ESN Laurea, the youngest section of ESN Finland. It was a challenging starting point but has since turned into a big part of my life for the past 3 years, so much that I decided to apply for the National Board. As the Vice-President, I take care of the local sections and coordinate the communication between them and ESN Finland. In my free time, I usually play video games, do sports, and browse memes. I'm hopeful for the future of ESN Finland and look forward to this mandate!

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Reija Tolvanen

mail treasurer[at]esnfinland[dot]eu
mail partnerships[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hi there! I am Reija, treasurer of ESN Finland for the mandate 2021-2022. This is my first time in the national board. Before this I have been in ESN Uni Turku board since January 2020. I am from Turku and study economics in Åbo Akademi. I’m a crazy catlady and a headbanger - I love metal and heavy and hard rock. I might appear a bit shy or even closed at first but I really enjoy meeting new people. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the finances, partnerships or for example know a good gig somewhere.

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Noemi Lemonnier
Web Project Adminsitrator

mail wpa[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hei! I'm Noémi and I speak English and French as I have lived in France and in Canada. I did my Bachelor in Computer Science in Montréal and finished my Master studies at Jyväskylä University! I really enjoy traveling and being on the move, so I tend to always plan something! If I’m not traveling, I’m probably on my computer playing video games, or with my dog, Nanuk. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Nantia Georgousaki
Events Manager

mail events[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hello! I'm Nantia, this year's Events Manager. This is my 1st year in the National Board and 3rd year still on the local level (ESN Aalto). I am originally from Greece and I moved to Helsinki about 3 years ago to study Marketing at Aalto University. As the Events Manager, my job is to be the main chair of NEvCo, the National Events Committee of ESN Finland. The committee organises our big event Pirates of the Baltic Sea twice a year and assists our network in organising other events, such as National Assemblies, FInsights, and other events that may come up. I am here to also support the community of Events' Coordinators of ESN Finland, or as we started calling it last year, ECN (Events' Coordinator's Network). This year is tricky as we are slowly getting back to normal regarding events, and we need to be careful as we go back to our old ways, which all of our sections need. But we are very positive that we can make our main events happen, at least once during this mandate!

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Alberto Monroy Trujilo
Communication Manager

mail communication[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

¡Hola! This is Alberto, Spanish guy living in Finland for the third year so far. 2021-22 is my second adventure in the National Board. Before I was the Events’ Manager. Previously, Events’ Coordinator and President in ESN FINT (Tampere). I ended my Masters in Politics and now I am set to start my PhD. My role in the Board is to chair the Communication Committee, in charge of coordinating the visual identity and brand of our association. For instance, I am in change of all the social media content we post and the merchandise we sell. I also supervise that our local sections comply with the Visual Identity Manual of ESN. The great amount of challenges we are facing in this mandate are strengthening our abilities and the organisational resilience of ESN Finland. I hope to see you around!

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Saimi Vesalainen
National Representative

mail nr[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Hey everyone, I'm Saimi and I'm the NR of ESN Finland. I joined ESN about four years ago, and this is my first year on the national level. Previously I have been active in my home section ESN Uni Helsinki as e.g. the president. I also recently joined the Eduk8 pool of facilitators. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about international ESN business.