Heini, Mikko, Mikael, Henry and Sanna

The Board Members

Mikael Männistö - President
Contact: mikael.mannisto [at] esnfinland.eu, president [at] esnfinland.eu

Hey all, I’m Mikael! I am a 7th year student in Aalto University. Currently I am working on my thesis at the university. I have previously worked in ESN Aalto, registering it as an association and working as its president for 1.5 years. My hobbies mostly include working with cars and computers ;)

Henry Rauhanen - Vice-President (8.1.2015 onwards)
Contact: henry.rauhanen [at] esnfinland.eu, vice-president [at] esnfinland.eu

Hey folks, I'm Henry, the newcomer of the board. I'm a 4th year student of English Philology from Tampere and thus the board representative of our wonderful city. I'll be acting as the Vice-President for the rest of the mandate and be responsible for the partnerships of ESN Finland. Unlike most of my fellow ESNers, I haven't yet been in exchange. But I'm dying to go and will stop at nothing to get live through the experience everyone is talking about. And this only boosts my motivation to do everything I can for the mobile generation..

Heini Jyräkoski - National Representative
Contact: heini.jyrakoski [at] esnfinland.eu, nr [at] esnfinland.eu

"Griass di! I'm Heini, a girl who learned how to drive a tractor and ride a pig before talking. I've been conquering the world since I was 7 years old but in my heart I'm always gonna be the small town girl who loves her 3 nephews and 3 nieces more than anything in the world! Nowadays I'm studying Deutsch, svenska, intercultural communication and pedagogy in Jyväskylä which means that I'll be a language teacher! I love travelling and doing sports and especially cross-country skiing and snowboarding/skiing are close to my heart which might reveal that I L-O-V-E winter! I also love to be surrounded by international-minded people which is why I've gotten involved in ESN and at the moment I also keep myself busy as the National Representative of ESN Finland."

Matilda Vähäkangas - Treasurer
Contact: matilda.vahakangas [at] esnfinland.eu, tresurer [at] esnfinland.eu

Greetings from the pearl of the west coast - Vaasa. I’m your treasurer Matilda, also known as Madde. I have been involved in ESN for almost three years now in the local level with my lovely home section ESN Vaasa. I love working with international minded people, but actually haven’t done my own exchange yet! So, feel free to come and talk to me in official matters or with a recommendation for a great exchange destination. :)

Sanna Hakala - National Section Coordinator (7.12.2014 onwards)
Contact: sanna.hakala [at] esnfinland.eu, sectioncoordinator [at] esnfinland.eu

Moikkamoi! I’m Sanna, the Turku representative of the board. I started in ESN-IAC during Fall 2013 and since then I’ve been crazy about ESN! The experiences, memories, people, places – everything! Traveling and meeting new people is what I live for. At the moment besides ESN I’m trying to finish my marketing communication studies in Turku while living in Helsinki and working at the same time. Want an inspirational talk? Come to me!

Mikko Hyvärinen - Web Project Administrator
Contact: mikko.hyvarinen [at] esnfinland.eu, webmaster [at] esnfinland.eu

The classic Erasmus story happened to me in Vienna, Austria. I got so much more than I expected that it's impossible to even begin to comprehend. My philosophy is to give more than you get and make everyone happy.

First part of the Board 2014-2015

NB 2014-2015

The First Part of the Board 2014-2015: Yigit, Juho-Heikki, Heini, Mikael, Matilda and Mikko

Mandate 1.6.2014 - 2.12.2014
Juho-Heikki Ollikainen - Vice-president
Contact: juho-heikki.ollikainen [at] esnfinland.eu

Hi, I’m Juho-Heikki but more well-known as Kusti. I’m starting my 6th year in LUT studying Industrial Engineering and Management. I startted my ESN career in ESN Lappeenranta in 2013 as a President and worked from that onwards. My hobbies include music in all its aspects, mixology and fine ethanol-rich substances.

Mandate 1.6.2014 - 20.11.2014
Yigit Zorlutuna - National Section Coordinator
Contact: yigit.zorlutuna [at] esnfinland.eu

Hello, I am Yigit. I am the Tampere wing of the board. I am the Section Coordinator, which means that I try to coordinate the sections. I have been part of two different local sections so far in my ESN life, which spans over 5 years already. I spend my time mostly by doing sports or outdoor activities. Please do not hesitate to come and talk to me if you have any suggestions, criticism or want to hear a bad joke.