National Education Officer – Heidi Savokallio - Resigned


"Hello everybody, your new National Education Officer here!

Just a short introduction of who I am – I’m currently living in Joensuu and finishing my studies to become an English teacher very soon. In August I’ll move somewhere (no idea where yet) and try and look for an English teaching job. I just loooove English language and try to learn something new about it every day! My other passions are travelling and learning about different cultures – I’ve spent 7 years abroad and lived in 5 different countries.

ESN has been a big part of my life for the past two years (I’m currently the Vice-President and Local Representative of ESN Joensuu) so I’m very excited to take on the new challenges as an Education Officer! If you have any education related questions (or just feel like having a chat), don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m more than willing to help! I will do my best to make sure that whenever there’s some important updates about the Finnish education policy – you’ll be the first ones to know! ;)"

National SocialErasmus Coordinator – Besa Istrefi


"I am Besa Istrefi, born in Switzerland but originally from Kosovo. So far I've been living in three different countries: Switzerland, Kosovo, and Finland, which made me to develop an international background. I've finished my bachelors degree in Kosovo at the Rochester Institute of Technology Kosovo with the majors of Management and Media & Graphic Communication. After graduating I immediately pursued my Masters Degree at the University of Vaasa in Finland with the major of International Business, where my ESN experience begun. During my first semester I was only a member of ESN Vaasa where my only responsibility was to enjoy the activities organized by this section. After falling in love with this organization I decided to apply for the ESN Vaasa board as an event coordinator. Once I got accepted in the board I became the LSEC which position I loved truly and made me apply for the NSEC position once vacant and again for a second mandate. The SocialErasmus project is just amazing and I hope that with the help of the NB and LS we will take this project a step further!"

National Mov’in Europe Coordinator – Cécile Vasseur


"Former secretary of ESN FINT I am French by birth but European in my heart. I have been studying in 3 different countries so far. Studying Political sciences in Strasbourg made me passionate about Europe, Barcelona is where I found love and Finland is where I imagine my future. Always ready for traveling and meeting new people I also love to bake, dance and craft. ESNer and proud of it since 2013!

Mobility is a lifestyle, let's show it to Finland!"

National Responsible Party Coordinator – Federica Ferrara


"Imagine a cute mason jar, with a rainbow ribbon and pretty flowers around the lid, some glitters on the side of the glass and a miniature storm with lightnings, thunder, wind and rain bottled inside it. No, I'm not tormented, I'm just a little force of nature, and this is probably a very bad description of myself! But worry not! I swore an oath to the Royal National Board of ESN Finland and I mean to use my powers for The Good forces and not for The Evil ones!

I'm a non-stereotypical Italian who arrived in Finland in 2013 for a master degree in Media management. I joined ESN in Spring 2014, and crashed into lives of every ESNers in ESN Finland. I think it's fair to say I rocked their world a little bit, and intend keep doing so!

I'm here to tell you all you need to know about parties and drinking, so don't hesitate to contact me! Also, one of my fellow coordinator advised me to put "full of energy" into this description, so... here it is #NationalCoordinatorCollaboration :D"

National ExchangeAbility Coordinator – Lina Munčyté


"Hello! My name is Lina and as my crazy surname signifies, I hail from the land of thousand potato dishes (you see what I did there?). Although sometimes I do catch myself thinking “to potato or not to potato”, I’m not a very Lithuanian specimen and for over two years now Finland has been the place I very warmly call home. At the moment I’m finishing my MA at the University of Eastern Finland where I’ve been very involved in ESN Joensuu’s activities. Words cannot express how many times I punched the air when I was selected as the new NEAC. Not just because the acronym is so cool, but because ExchangeAbility is such an amazing project that slowly but surely blurs the line between what is considered to be the norm and what is not. And guess what? We are the ones who make it happen! To finish up, here are some (very) random facts about me: I’m a proud bookworm, wanted to become a veterinarian, but soon realized I’m terrible at biology, I’m super un-ticklish and my surname has a similar pronunciation to “munchies”."

National Training Coordinator - National Platforms and Sections - Petra Hannus


Hello! My name is Petra. I'm from Finland, but I don't speak Finnish (work in progress though). My native language is Swedish, and I've lived half my life in Sweden, but don't call me Swedish! ;) I've also lived 6 months in Canada, 3 months in Spain, did my exchange for 3 months to India, and working hard on visit at least one new country per year!

Currently located in Vaasa, were i am studying Bachelor of Health Care. In ESN Vaasa I am the Local Vice-President. Since Eduk8 Starter in Timisoara, Romania in February 2016, I am also very interested in developing my skills with non-formal education and I am super excited about being a part of developing this new Training Coordinator post! Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me! :)

National Training Coordinator - FInsights - Henry Rauhanen


"I’m Henry, a 24-year old ex-student of English Philology. I’ve never been to exchange but in the fall of 2012 I got involved in ESN through tutoring of international students and it’s been a huge part of life since then. Instead of exchange I’m hoping to start a degree in another country next year, though I guess I’ll have to get my Erasmus Experience at some point as well.

I love travelling and it is difficult for me to stay still for too long. I also love helping people and this is the force that drives me onwards with ESN, for I truly believe that the ESN ideology of students helping students is worthwhile."