The National Events Committee (NEvCo) organises national events of ESN Finland, such as Pirates of the Baltic Sea (PoBS). Currently, the main event is Pirates of the Baltic Sea: Treasure Hunt Edition. It has been designed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, offering a flexible and safe event for all the participants. NEvCo also aids in National Assemblies (NAs) and national training events. 

There are two teams inside NEvCo. Pirates of the Baltic Sea Team (PoBS) and Internal National Events Team (INET). While PoBS partake in the organisation of the cruise and its derivates, INET helps with the training events and National Assemblies. 

The Main Chair supervises all the work inside the committee and is part of the National Board as the National Events' Manager. 

For any enquiries, contact nevco[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

You can reach individual NEvCo members at firstname.lastname[at]esnfinland[dot]eu

Nantia Georgousaki

Main Chair


Yuvin Kokuhennadige

Vice-Chair for PoBS


Alberto Monroy Trujillo

INET and PoBS Member


Viktoria Atanasow Ancew

PoBS Volunteer Coordinator


Toni Tamminen

INET Member


Anna Sandt

INET Member


Claudia Díaz

PoBS Customer Service


Minna Rantala

PoBS Partnerships

Maire Moisto

PoBS Programme Coordination


Noemi Lemonnier

PoBS IT Responsible


Svenja-Reetta Suppola

PoBS Graphic Designer


Carolina Buendía Sarmiento

PoBS Promotion