Mov'in Europe is an ESN initiative promoting mobility as a lifestyle, through the engagement of ambassadors in various local, national and international activities. For its 25th anniversary, ESN not only promotes mobility but also celebrates it by making the international experience of higher education students richer, by promoting mobility through its 15000 volunteers' network experiencing the active european citizenship among the 452 associations of ESN in 37 countries.

The young people don’t have access to the right information, the young people don’t have mobility stories to rely on, and they need to break the barriers to mobility (academic, linguistic, social and financial barriers). Our network of volunteers, the majority being former beneficiaries of at least one mobility programme, will offser its knowledge, experience and professionalism to organise activities meant to inform local students in 37 countries about mobility opportunities.

Promoting new mobility opportunities is not only our mission, there is also a clear need expressed at the European level. The recent Eurydice report, Towards a Mobility Scoreboard: Conditions for Learning Abroad in Europe, has clearly shown that “multipliers” (young people, students, graduates who took part in mobility) are not engaged enough in promoting mobility themselves. New opportunities under the Erasmus+ programme, a clear need for peer-promotion of mobility in support of institutional promotion, the dynamism of our 25 years-strong network and of our 15 000 volunteers willing to share their real-life experiences of mobility are a few of the underlying principles of Mov'in Europe, the 2014 ESN International flagship and anniversary project.

As a campaign on promotion of mobility, Mov'in Europe aims to different, but interlinked, objectives: raise mobility issues on the political agenda, a better provision of information on mobility opportunities for young people, students and young graduates will be ensured through the development of innovative and lively material and initiatives all over the network. The implementation of the project will occur at all the three levels of ESN.

Activities such as mobility days, fairs, linguistic tandems, conferences, promotion of mobility experiences will take place across Europe.

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