ESN Åbo Akademi (or ESN ÅA) is the official ESN section of Åbo Akademi University, the only Swedish-speaking University in Finland. Åbo Akademi University has every year over 200 exchange students and hundreds of international students and researchers. The international students reach over 10% of the total amount of students in the university.

ESN ÅA joined ESN in 1994 and is the second oldest ESN section in Finland. The section has been, since it was founded, very active on all levels: Local, National, and International, having had several National Representatives and also board members in the ESN International board.

ESN ÅA works to promote the Finnish culture for international students and to promote exchange to local students. The section organizes trips, local events, sport, and cultural events, etc. Our section’s regulatory gatherings, called office hours, are usually on a weekly basis. Our flagship event is the legendary trip to the Åland island. Most of our bigger events, such as the orientation party, are organized in cooperation with the other ESN section in Turku (ESN Uni Turku). For more info, follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page.

Together with ESN Uni Turku we form the unofficial ESN Turku-Åbo, which organizes all bigger ESN events in the city. Find the unofficial ESN Turku-Åbo group on Facebook. Don’t worry if you don’t know which section you belong to, everyone is welcome to our events.