Hi network,
This news post is to officially notify you that our next general meeting, NA Suomenlinna, will be taking place at Hostel Suomenlinna, Suomenlinna C 9, 00190 Helsinki, from Friday 10 November 2023 at 16:30 to Sunday 12 November 2023 at 16:30. While registrations for the meeting closed a while back, section 7.2 of our statutes obligates us to publish an official meeting call for our general meetings at least two weeks before it takes place, which is why this news post was placed on our website. Remote participation at this meeting will not be possible, which means all sections that cannot have a representative at the meeting in person need to delegate their vote to someone else who is attending.
The agenda of NA Suomenlinna will at least include the following:
  • The election of a new board member
  • Amendments to the rules of the association
Have a great weekend!