Dear sections,

It is our pleasure to invite you to this year’s second Skype National Platform. The meeting will be held on Thursday 4th of May 2017 at 19:00. The agenda will include at least:

- Voting on Statutes amendment proposal

- Voting on Standing Orders amendment proposal

- Electing a Partnership Manager for the NB 2017-18

- Electing a Web Project Administrator for the NB 2017-18

- Electing a Communication Manager for the NB 2017-18

- Electing the OC for NP autumn 2017

- Voting on approving ESN Laurea as a candidate section

Every section can have one connection to the call. Please register your representatives through this link.

Please also note that according to our Statutes it is mandatory to participate to all NPs or delegate the section’s vote. Every section will need to provide the NB with a delegation form by 4th of May at 18:00. You can find the forms from here. Please note that according to the Statutes approved in January the section, instead of the Student Union, should be the one delegating the vote.

All the relevant documents will be sent to the LRs before the NP skype. Hear you in couple of weeks!